On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about studying at our institute. If you do not find the answer to your question here, do not hesitate to contact us.
How often do I have to commute to study?

Never. Teaching at the European Business & Management Institute takes place completely online, through an e-learning system, thanks to which we are able to eliminate the obligation to attend classes. Therefore, the student does not have to go to school physically even once. We can solve everything online, from submitting the application to defending the final thesis.

How does online study work?

The entire teaching takes place completely online in the study system, so you can complete the entire study from anywhere. A computer and internet are enough for the whole studio. Through a complete online study, we try to reflect the requirements of very busy managers who cannot afford to spend time on the way to or from school.

The beginning of the study depends only on your time possibilities, the beginning of the study is determined by you. You are not waiting for the beginning of the semester or next month. You can really start at any time. Due to the fact that you are not tied to attendance or attendance at lectures, you can compile a study schedule according to your own possibilities. So you don’t have to worry about combining your studies with work, family or other responsibilities.

Upon admission to the study program, each student will gain access to the student section. Students will find all the necessary information and study materials in the student section, which represents the study system. Throughout the study, students can consult with lecturers via e-mail communication or using other online tools such as Teams or Skype. To successfully complete the study, the student must complete the courses. Study requirements include answering test questions and passing a practical application exam for each subject in the program. The study is conducted in English, according to the student’s choice. After completing all courses, you will be assigned a final thesis. The study is completed by elaboration of the final thesis. You will then be issued a diploma and you will receive a professional title.

When can I start studying online?

Almost immediately. With our complete online studio, you can start whenever you want.

Who prepares study materials and checks written assignments?

All study materials as well as checks of tests and written works are in charge of our teaching team. Each subject is assigned one of our lecturers, who is a capacity in the field.

Where are the study materials available?

The materials are available to students in a student system, to which each student gets access at the same time as starting the study. Each subject is described in the student system in terms of content and recommended literature, as well as scripts for the given subject are available to students for the given area.

How are students tested within subjects?

Each subject includes a control test that verifies knowledge and understanding of the material covered. Each subject is completed by passing a practical application exam. The practical application exam verifies the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

Is it possible to apply online?

Yes, the application can be sent easily and simply electronically via the form on our website. You don’t have to go anywhere with the application.

What is the application fee?

Applying is completely free. You do not pay any fees, you only pay for the study.

What happens after the application is submitted?

If a duly completed application is submitted, the study department will contact you within two working days at the latest, usually via the e-mail provided in the study application. You will receive a study contract, which must be printed, signed and sent back in writing or electronically to our address.

What language is the study in?

The study is conducted in English.

Is the MBA degree internationally recognized?

An MBA or “Master in Business Administration” is an internationally recognised degree designed to develop skills required for careers in business and management.

How is the European Business & Management Institute accredited?

Studies at the European Business & Management Institute are accredited by The Europe Accreditation Council for Business Education and The International Association for Business Schools and Programs, which sponsors education and programs for globally recognized universities such as Duke University, Yale University, Stanford University and others. Thanks to this accreditation, we can provide MHA, MPH, MBA, MEM, LLM or DBA programs. You can find all our accreditations here.

How is the study completed?

At the end of the study, each student prepares a final thesis, which must then be defended. The defense takes place online.

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