Positive references from our graduates and students are the most valuable for us. Favorable feedback is the most important award for the work of everyone at the European Business & Management Institute.

I see a specific choice of specialization and the opportunity to study subjects that suited me exactly as the biggest plus of studies. I can only recommend the MSc Marketing educational program at the European Business & Management Institute, both in terms of its practical benefits and its form and content.
MSc Marketing

Ing. Karolína Malá, MSc

There are few programs at universities for work in a foreign company that specializes in any field related to the environment. MBA study none. That is why I would like to thank the European Business & Management Institute for the fact that there is at least the possibility of such a quality study. I recommend it to everyone.
MEM Master of Environmental Management

Mgr. Viktorie Žižková, MEM

Right at the beginning, I would like to recommend studying the MEM program to everyone. In today’s world, where the environment plays a very important role, I came across a single program here, at the European Business & Management Institute, which somehow has a significant focus on the environment. Content, knowledge, form of study, everything exceeded my expectations.
MEM Master of Environmental Management

Mgr. Jan Šulc, MEM

I have long lacked an MHA study with a globally recognized accreditation in the Czech Republic, so choosing to study at the European Business & Management Institute was a clear choice for me. So if someone is looking for a more detailed education in the management and organization of medical facilities, I can only recommend studying MHA.
MHA Master of Health Administration

MUDr. Michal Voráček, MHA

The MBA Management study fulfilled and even exceeded my expectations. The composition and content of the subjects and the possibility of consultation with lecturers surprised me a lot and I can only recommend the whole study. I can only recommend the excellent teaching team at the European Business & Management Institute and its professional approach, as well as the entire study.
MBA Management

Ing. Jindřich Klíma, MBA

The study not only met but significantly exceeded my expectations. The lectures were given with high expertise. The choice of subjects suited me fully, I gained the necessary knowledge not only in the field of healthcare management, but also in the field of human resources management and company management principles.
MHA Master of Health Administration

Mgr. Mirek Muller, MHA

The DBA Organization Operations and Management program has helped me develop some areas in my day-to-day work. I would recommend to people who decide whether to start their studies to join this institution and choose a study orientation that they know something about in order to ensure a transition into their practice.
DBA Provoz organizace a management

Ing. Jan Veselý, DBA

Personally, I like effective communication and flexibility. Therefore, in addition to the content of the studied program, I maximally appreciate the individual approach of the institute. I really appreciate the flexible form of online study. I feel the knowledge and the effect of studying every day in my practice. I definitely recommend studying MBA Business and Society at the European Business & Management Institute.
MBA Podnikání a společnost

Ing. Kateřina Hošková, MBA

I chose to study at the European Business & Management Institute because of my time and also because I was looking for an internationally recognized school. I can only recommend studying MBA Management. For me, the biggest plus is the composition of objects.
MBA Management

Ing. Iva Drobná, MBA

Studying the LLM Public Law program helped me to further connect theory and practice, to develop my professional career and my personality, and to broaden my knowledge and horizons. So I would like to recommend studying at the European Business & Management Institute to anyone who is hesitant.
LLM Veřejné právo

Mgr. Jiří Žák, LLM

I’m very happy that I was swinging to study. I wondered for a long time whether to really invest such a large amount in education. But now I see that I cannot regret it. Studying at EBMI helped me solve a lot of practical problems in my career, which she also moved much higher. I recommend studying at EBMI, specifically the MBA Marketing and Advertising program to anyone who hesitates.
MBA Marketing a reklama

Ing. Martin Novotný, MBA

Due to my career in a multinational company, I was looking to study BBA so that I could also study MBA. I completed both studies at the EBMI, because after I finished my BBA and saw how much I could learn, I was really satisfied. So I continued my MBA studies at the EBMI, when I chose human resources management for my MBA position. The program clarified and helped me in my daily work. So I can only recommend studying.
BBA Management

Helena Dobešová, BBA, MBA

I decided to study in order to supplement and deepen my knowledge and skills in the field of international law and trade. My studies broadened my view of international law as such, but also of international relations and trade. The whole study helped me to better understand the issues in various areas of my work, which include public law.
LLM Mezinárodní právo

Mgr. Jan Hruboš, LLM

I compared the European Business & Management Institute with another institution for a long time and finally decided to study MBA Management. My studies lasted 16 months, with the fact that I am very, very busy. I have to thank the whole school team for their approach and I can only recommend it to everyone.
MBA Management

Ing. Václav Smolák, MBA


Contribution of study


Personal development means personal growth and learning to manage just the ordinary life situations that each of us experiences, with a view. It’s beautiful about personal development that you really work with yourself.


When choosing a school, it is important to focus on the quality, expertise and professionalism of the teaching team. We work with experts from practice with practical experience who will provide you with quality and practical education.


By studying, you will expand your horizons with new experience, skills and knowledge from practice, which will undoubtedly give you a competitive advantage both in the labor market and in the field of free entrepreneurial competition.


The study is designed to reflect as much as possible real life situations and managerial practice. You can transform and use the newly acquired knowledge and practical managerial experience in your life.


Indicators of the quality of the educational programs we provide, as well as entire institutions, are, among others, prestigious accreditations and membership in national and supranational associations.

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Teaching takes place completely online, through an e-learning system, thanks to which we are able to eliminate the obligation to attend classes. The quality of the study is completely preserved.

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